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Her and her paper heart

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Well my name is a secret,I am 18 years old of course. I find lot of things amusing and I laugh at my own jokes. I'm a bit awkward and you'll see what I mean soon enough. If I had my way, I'd stay in school for as long as i can. (Even though I hate every minute of it) i like to reinvent myself. i am constantly evolving in order to better and find myself as a whole. And yes, I agree with you bastards, I am way too `effin smart for my age.

For those of you who can't accept it;
I've made mistakes in the past;
I'm willing to forgive, and admit to my mistakes
but don't expect me to be perfect, I'm only human.
If you can't accept that then that's just too bad, get over it.



-I like to take pictures, if you don't like that keep it to yourself.

-I swear a lot, it's a bad habit that I am aware of. Don't try to bring it to my attention.

-Don't talk about me behind my back. If I did something that offended you or bothered you, just tell me and I will attempt to fix my mistake as best as I can.

-If not.....go ahead, talk your shit. I honestly don't care about your negativity.

-I think hating people is a waste of time and energy. I obviously don't hate anyone, especially somebody I met over the internet. So don't even think about saying I do. proceed.

-I don't like to mention my real name, so if you already know it please keep it a secret.

-I don't regret anything that once made me smile.

-I do have a short temper but only certain things really piss me off.

-I like to meet people that have a good sense of humor, I love to laugh. Duh.

-I don't come on Livejournal to argue with people, I come here to meet and make new friends. So if you come on Livejournal to start a drama, have people pity you, have random arguements, then just stop talking to me. I've had many good times here and I want to keep having good times.

-I have lost quite a few of my friends on Gaia due to stupid things and misunderstandings, so if you want to create a beautiful friendship lets get away from the pointless arguements and the drama.

-Just stop talking to me or delete me off of your friendslist if you do not like me cause you know, if i delete you, you're gonna bitch and we wouldn't want that now would we?

-I am not rude, I'm just realistic.

-I get really hyper, so excuse me if I behave like a total nuisance at times.

-There's a difference between a "newb" and a "noob".
I am anti noob. ><

-If you talk "L1k3 tH1S"; Don't even think about talking to me, I won't waste my time trying to read whatever the hell it is your trying to say.

-I spell "FUCK" like this; "FCUK". So don't tell me I'm spelling the word wrong, I am aware of the way that I am spelling it.

-I absolutely love Japanese music, so stop asking me why my music is in a different language.

-If you dislike me that's the end of the story. Don't stalk me, don't try to catch my attention because you won't get it. Don't waste your time trying to get on my nerves just because you "hate" me or "dislike" me, it's a total waste of time. I'll just find more ways to ignore you.
If you dislike me then say so now and I'll cut off our line of communication right before you know it. Now if you want to work something out, I'll be more than glad to. :]

-I frequently clear out my friends list and profile comments. So if I delete you off of my list or get rid of your comment, don't bitch. It's my profile and my account.♥

Anything else,foo?

You can friend me if you wanna..meep!